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The Crispy Sugar-Coated Fruit on a Stick March 27, 2010

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The crispy sugar-coated fruit on a stick is one of the traditional snacks in the north of China. This snack is tasty. It is made of fruits and sugar. People liked to eat that in winter. Nowadays these are sold all over the country. It is popular with people, especial the children and girls who love eat candy. When I visited Beijing and Hangzhou, I had bought this snack on Wangfujing street in Beijing and Qinghefang street in Hangzhou. In Guilin the crispy sugar-coated fruits on a stick are sold on Zhengyang walking street.
Actually it’s not easy to do it. Today my father made it by himself. Firstly, clean the fruits and make them dry. People always use the haws, the kumquats, the tomatoes, the pineapples, the grapes, etc. Secondly, use the sticks to string the fruits together like beads. Thirdly, take plenty of sugar into the pot, add some water and boil them. When the water boils away and the sugar melts, take the sticks of fruits into the sugar. Make sure the fruits are covered with the sugar. Then take out and cool them. The melted sugar is frozen immediately. The sugar is transparent and looks like the ice. It is very beautiful. Now the snack is done. It is colorful and tasty. The fruit is a bit sour and the sugar is sweet, so the snack is sour and sweet and is very appetizing.
Are you interested in making it by yourself?


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